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John’s love of wilderness has conspired with his love of photography to produce a deep resonance with wilderness photography, and a desire to capture both the essence and form of wilderness experience. Given the dynamic and ever changing nature of wilderness, there is a limitlessness to the opportunities presented by wilderness photography.

Originally inspired by the likes of Ansel Adams, Olegas Truchanas, Peter Dombrovskis and Robert Rankin, John loves the work of contemporaries like Chris BellRob Blakers and Grant Dixon as well as the new photography of Ben Messina and Wolfgang Glowacki amongst others. Although John is particularly drawn to Tasmania, the variety and diversity of wilderness throughout Australia provides a wonderful context in which to explore the myriad environments and associated archetypal themes.

John uses both macro and wide angle landscape photography to capture the moods, feelings and awe of the wilderness, and in doing so, he hopes that people might grow in their appreciation of the value of wilderness and be encouraged to become involved in it’s pleasures and conservation. For John, looking for a photo opportunity creates the preconditions for seeing more than would otherwise be seen. Looking and seeing are thus deeply related, and for John, they represent the nexus where essence and form meet and are ideally expressed in that illusive image…

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Posted: September 14, 2014


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