John’s love of books has seen him collecting, selling and trading books for more than 30 years, and he now has refined his interests to a number of select subjects categories. His personal interest in wilderness photography has also resulted in a collection of all major Australian (and especially Tasmanian) wilderness photographers.

In addition to this collection, John has also amassed significant collections in a number of other sub-fields including:

  • Tasmanian history (especially as it relates to land use, the environment and people’s relationship to wilderness)
  • Wilderness philosophy and psychology (especially as it relates to understanding the human-wilderness nexus)
  • Philosophy of technology (and philosophy of science)
  • The idea of progress (philosophical and sociological reflections)
  • Analytical psychology (and applications of psychological type)
  • Natural history (especially south-east Queensland & Carnarvon Gorge)
  • Selected aspects of modern history (including general Australian history and environmental history)

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Posted: September 14, 2014


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